Built In Stock taking software

Built In Stock taking software

Every business needs to be able to stocktake at some point during their financial year. For a great many Schoolwear retailers, we find that this is usually in the winter months when sales are generally slower than in the summer and autumn months, and stock is at its lowest level. 

Stock taking allows you to check and record all inventory that you currently have on hand. It is a vital part of stock control and one that will allow you to streamline your future purchasing decisions. However, it is usually a process that is generally abhorred, especially when performing this task manually if you have thousands of different products in multiple sizes and colours. Manual stock taking means the shop has to be closed and all Team members are called in; sales stop and costs go up!

Here at Eskimo EPOS, our operating EPOS system manages your stock as a standard function. The process is not only built in, but written in such as way as to allow the store to remain open and ongoing sales be taken into account. You can also take advantage of our Stock Taking Device which will allow for quickly scanning each product so your Stock Take is live throughout the process.

This means that not only can you see what your stock levels are both instore and online at any one time, when it comes to the end of year stocktake, rather than having to count and record all levels of stock, your stock levels are already recorded. Not only does this make the whole stocktaking process much easier, it will also save you time and money by ensuring that you are not over ordering non-essential stock items.

Ask a member of the Eskimo EPOS Team about hiring Stock Take devices and see how this can speed the Stock Take process up exponentially…

“The most beneficial service that Eskimo has supplied is freeing up our time and helping to streamline our business processes. We can see a full breakdown on anything that we may want to know like how many of any item we sold in a certain season (summer/ winter), how many items are left, check cost and selling prices to give us quick access on our mark-up scales.”

Hasan, Bubblegum Schoolwear