Bubblegum Schoolwear Case Study

Bubblegum Schoolwear Case Study

We recently asked Hasan from Bubblegum Schoolwear for some feedback on working with Eskimo Epos. This is what he had to say…

Q: How long has Bubblegum Schoolwear being working with Eskimo Epos and what services do you use? 

We’ve just started working with Eskimo Epos in the middle of our back to school season. We are currently using the software to help us handle our stock takes, ordering and pricing. The reason why I took on Eskimo at a crazy time of the year was the ability to see what we have sold in a season. I knew that having this system would help us greatly when it comes to our second back to school season because we can look back on our first season and see everything we have sold and what numbers to order in. 

QWhat are the key differences that you have noticed since signing up to work with Eskimo and how have they enhanced your business? 

The key difference is speed. Before, we would have to manually check up on items to see if we had them in stock and how many we had left. We were so used to doing this that it never was extra work to go through it. Now with the system at our tills, we can easily click a school or item and see what we have and how many within a few seconds. For example, if a customer were to call us in store we would have to quickly check up an item in the storeroom but now we can do it instantly at our tills giving us a quicker run time with our customers. 

Q: What is the most beneficial service that Eskimo supply you with and why? 

The most beneficial service that Eskimo has supplied is freeing up our time and helping to streamline our business processes. We can see a full breakdown on anything that we may want to know like how many of any item we sold in a certain season (summer/ winter), how many items are left, check cost and selling prices to give us quick access on our mark-up scales.

Q: Would you recommend Eskimo Epos and why?

I would recommend Eskimo without a second thought to any of our friends, which I have now done to a friends store. The simplest answer is this -the system you currently have in place at your store is great whether it’s all done manually or with another Epos supplier, but something can always be better. A phone will always do the job it needs to do, which is making a call, but getting an upgrade will open different possibilities of what that phone can do and offer. 

That is what working with Eskimo offers. It offers everything you had before but with more!