Eskimo Retail EPoS

Suitable for Single or Multi-Store Retail Organisations

Whether your business is a single-store, single till operation or a multi-store, multi-till operation, in the retail sector, Eskimo EPoS will help to gain your customers’ confidence by providing your staff with an easy-to-use till system that requires minimal training -it simply ‘allows them to do their job effectively and professionally’ . Your customers will enjoy a pleasant, straight-forward transaction at the counter to complete their shopping experience with you.

Key Benefits:

  • Speedier sales process designed to reduce queues and keep customer waiting time to a minimum
    • Quickly scan or type in product barcode to add to on-going sale
    • Easily add non-barcoded item to sale at click of a button
    • Simple process to add multiple items to your sale
    • Easily locate and add to sale those bulky items that cannot be scanned at the till
  • Increased staff confidence, increased sales potential at till

    • Visually appealing touch screen system
    • Requires minimal computer skills to use effectively
    • Layout of information helps to provide speedy transaction
    • Minimal training required
    • Detailed product and stock information available at the touch of a button – stock, sales, reserves, on order with supplier, on order by customer, product lead times.
  • Minimise the risk of losing money by reducing the chance of operator error
    • Help the operator identify the correct product quickly with clear product images and concise product description on till
  • Maximise your store-counter efficiency
    • Ensure all relevant information required by operator is at hand at the touch of a button
    • Set up one-click buttons on ‘quick menu’ for your most common items
  • Replace the need for bulky, unwieldy product catalogues
    • Quickly and accurately search for product details, alternatives and pricing
    • Ability to search by supplier, group, department, description, size colour, barcode number to narrow down and speed up locating a particular item
  • Enhance your in-store security; reduce opportunism with secure refunds and voids
    • Follow simple process to carry out a refund or void
    • Increase individual accountability with enforced reasons for refund or void
    • Record damaged goods for return to suppliers
    • Log and correct any operator errors
  • Maximise your customer loyalty using discounts and promotions
    • Efficiently manage your in-store discounts, promotions and deals
    • Reward customer loyalty with extra discount securely and easily at till
    • Automate your date-driven promotions
  • Ensure every customer receives your business card – your receipt!
    • Provide the customer with a clear and easy to understand receipt
    • Print duplicate receipt at click of a button; no limit to history of receipts
    • Simple to customise with logo if required
  • Increase store sales by highlighting opportunities for upselling to till operators
    • Use the Eskimo EPOS notes facility to prompt staff to up sale
    • Help staff make customers aware of unnoticed special offers
    • Use the ‘Layaway’ feature to control suspended sales whilst you engage with customer
  • Taking the money
    • Make use of the auto-tender buttons to speed up the transaction
    • Simple procedure to deal with part cash, part card payments
    • Deal efficiently with card, cash, gift vouchers or loyalty payments
  • Boost customer loyalty
    • Easily capture customer details to set up an account and build customer database
    • Simply take orders for out of stock items – never lose sales due to lack of stock
    • Quickly reserve in-stock items for collection
    • Take deposits and manage monthly payments for goods
    • Setup easy payment schemes such as Christmas club
    • Issue credit note on tender screen to ensure your customer returns for one last visit
  • Securely manage petty cash
    • Mandatory to enter reason for paying in or out of till
    • Restrict access to opening cash drawer to relevant staff
    • Record all cash drawer operations
  • Enhance your in-store security
    • Individual PIN numbers for individual staff log on
    • Optional card swipe log on
    • Highly secure finger print log on
    • Restrict staff from entering inappropriate areas of your system without required authority
    • All transactions are logged for individual accountability
  • Take the pain out of your end of day routine
    • Fast and accurate end of day routine allows you to get home quicker after busy day
    • Easily select X or Z read
    • See overview / breakdown of days transactions
  • Secure and cost-effective Chip ‘N’ Pin with our integrated option
    • Process credit and debit card payments quickly and efficiently
    • Reduce operator errors by integrating with Eskimo EPOS
    • Speed up transaction with broadband technology
    • Save money with no need for analogue phone line

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